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Will he ever walk free again ?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019


Walking through the bright day light;

He has his head held low, not a criminal,

Neither convicted nor released off bonds!

He is a native too but will he ever walk free again?

Slouched shoulders, shrunk to their half;

Cruel scrutinizing eyes of community’s intellects;

Penetrating his soul!

Is it his beard or the skull-cap? He ponders!

Now the attire defines his diminishing being, or is it just,

‘A Thought’!

He is a native too but will he ever walk free again?

It’s the tormenting stereotypical society,

Breaking him apart, crushing him down;

Lashed with silent words;

He is now wounded, torn & miserable!

He crawls, carefully passes along shadows;

His existence is now on a run.

He is a native too but will he ever walk free again?

Stumbled, head struck the Mimbar, stained red;

Seeking forgiveness!

The heart feels despaired,

The crashed soul is too weak to outlast;

Lost his identity, he is no more on the inside;

Forced to be an intellect, chained down!

Will he ever breathe,

Will he ever walk free again?

Post Script:

Muslim citizens are living a dreadful life on the inside and every moment is spent in misery, thinking hard every night if they’ll make it till the morning or not. This community does not fear the threats from other communities, but from people who are ‘Pretentious Believers’ of any particular religion or sect.

“All the right ways turn dark when the mind is at rage” – Author

As a consequence, in major cases of unrest on religious grounds, communal violence unleashes. Innumerable citizens of any religion are forced to switch their faiths and only then are granted a life, or else, they catch a bullet, die in cold blood, with nothing registered.

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