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What is photo blogging? 3-step guide to start your own photography blog

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Photography-the art of snapping moments into a picture is an undying art form which is existing since ages and is a beautiful talent to acquire. In the late years it has become much popular among the youngsters and adults. Can’t be denied all of us desire to capture every other moment of our lives into a photograph. And after years when you look back your photographs, you just adore the crazy moments of your past. With a lot to do with photography out there, we introduce you to ‘Photo blog’. Following is a 4 step guide to set up your own Photo blog.

Step 1: Understand Photo blogging

Photo blogging as the name itself suggests is a technique of publishing your photos with a story behind to make the readers understand what lies behind your photographs. And it should be published online on a website within the niche of photography.

Step 2: Define your photography style.

You must have develop a photographic style of your own. It is most likely based on your interests and what you like to capture. If not, then there are several styles of photography described here for you to opt from. There are many styles like Street photography, Architectural shoot, Fashion communication and much more. You are totally free to define your own brand new style of photography. The possibility of this is limitless. And remember you really don’t need an expensive camera-a DSLR or an SLR to click awesome photographs. Your camera mobile can do the job perfectly.

Street photography

Portrait photography

Abstract Photography

Fashion shoot

Candid photography

Architectural photography

Step 3: Choose a platform

When you are done with defining your style you need to choose a platform where you can publish you photographs. And make it sure that the website should be within the niche of photography. For clarification, Instagram is a photo social networking platform not a photo blogging platform. Some may relate it to photo blog but we highly recommend to use one of the following platforms to publish.

  1. Tumblr: When it comes to free, easy and quick photo blogging Tumblr gets the lead. It does has the possibility of sharing anything beyond photographs but still, it reasonably justifies its photography niche.

  2. 500px: As the website describes itself ‘The Premier Photography Community’ it is truly a platform to get amazing photographs from many renowned photographers. It has a collection of stock photographs and is a website where you can even sell your photographs. The problem is, 500px does charge you a minimal amount to get full access. However, the charge is worth paying for. Beginners can start from its basic plan of $1.67/month.

  3. Your own website: This sounds a little work before you can truly start publishing your photographs but it is a fantastic idea of having a photo blog website of your own. After all you will be the master of your own. You will be able to showcase and monetize your photos as per your own wish. Setting up a website is not a very tough job in present scenario. You just have to have a basic understanding of web development which is merely a 3 hour job at maximum and you are ready to go. However you can start by creating a website for free under WordPress or Blogger.

  4. The perspective Hub: We are not trying to endorse ourselves but yes, theperspectivehub is a growing community of artists from varying field of interests. You can check out the photography section here and joining theperspectivehub is totally free as of now. So, why wait? Join us now.

Apart from these there are many other platforms where you can publish and monetize your photographs. But we highly recommend to get a website of your own. Humans of New York is a great example of self-made photo blog.

Also there are many places to get inspiration from. Instagram can be really helpful to get inspired. You should really check some of the Instagram accounts for amazing photographs. Some of the examples are Natgeo, Delhigram, and Humansofny.

Now, go ahead and start photo blogging. Become a photo blogger. If you have questions or you need help to start your own photo blog then write us here. We encourage artists and will help to set up their own platforms for free.

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