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The Banoffee Pie’s Magic

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Banana +Toffee pie=The Banoffee Pie

The Banoffee pie was revealed to me very recently, on my birthday to be precise, by a group of friends, who threw me a party (a welcome change).

The revelation of the Banoffee pie, was one of those moments in life where one thinks that god sent you on earth for precisely moments like these.

An experience that impactful it was.

The taste and textures left me cleansed, pure ready to take on the foods of the world.

It is made on a base off biscuits, butter or margarine, chopped bananas ,topped with caramelized condensed milk(this is the most time taking element of the banoffee pie to make, recipes range from half to 3 hours), and whipped cream.

The simplicity of the banoffee pie, is like

boil in water,

crush some biscuits,

chop some bananas.

The ease of this makes my sole omelet cooking skills look like a mastered craft.

The crunchy and heavy base, the cold banana slices the sweet caramelized milk and the light frothy cream lead to the feeling that I was eating semi solid gold.

The Banoffee pie is topped with chocolate chips, dusted with icing sugar or served with garnishing of ice cream or fruits like strawberries or cherries, all of which might be worthy partners to the mighty banoffee , but I prefer the much simple version of the pie itself.

Banoffee pie has always been a part of my to do list, ever since it featured on the Holi episode of David Rocco dolce India, the episode which also promotes Bukhara, another of my favorites ( a restaurant In Itc Maurya,Delhi).

I had the pleasure of eating the Banoffee pie at the Big Chill Café in Khan market, Delhi

The ambience, the music, the lights and the food makes the Big Chill Café a place to go to.

If you decide to treat him/her to Banoffee pie here on the first date, who knows it might become the first of many to come.


here is glimpse of the holi episode where David Rocco tries the banoffee pie

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