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She has always sacrificed.

She has always sacrificed.

Sacrificed her time when she could do miracles;

Sacrificed her wondrous ideas;

Sacrificed her desires to be someone, something!

She has always sacrificed.

Be it the softness of her hands,

Her tender skin turning pale, wearing out;

Eyes losing light, the glitter fading out;

Yet she bears a smile on her lips,Elated!

She slept on a damp patch,

Never bothered the short naps,

Then woke up early and fed them first;

Yet completed all her duties, fulfilled demands;

Tired, she needed a nap but always woke up to the cries;

Cradling was an unending task!

Yes, she has always sacrificed.

They grew too fast, off to the world;

She cries in silence, waiting at the door;

They return with charming faces, adorable attires;

Heads held up, beaming with pride;

She smiles, embraces them with love,

And proclaims out loud, my sacrifices paid me well!

The tears hit her lids back, rhetoric replies;

They said it’s our efforts which paid you well,

Not your sacrifices!

She sits numb in her chair; Introspecting, ashamed!

Do sacrifices have no value?

PS: A mother is the person who sacrifices all her sentiments attached to life and dedicate herself completely into settling her children so that, one day they become responsible citizens of the country. Well established and well settled. She prays day in and day out for their success and does all possible things to make their life a paradise on earth. It is a fact that we cannot repay our parents for what they have always done for us, especially a mother’s sacrifices and her deeds in making our life a better one. We should respect the notion that she has sacrificed everything that she ever had to make us look better, feel better and become a personality!

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