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Shadows of Delhi – Miniscule and Directionless

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

SHADOWS OF DELHI – Miniscule and Directionless!

Swollen red eyes, a night under the influence of dope is longer than imagined. He shifts in bed, twisting with the muscular pain, he calls his butler. Almost yelling, he orders the coffee to be served beside his bed.

Rajesh, carefully placed the ceramic cup with a palette filled with imported cookies beside him and stood there with folded hands.

Raghav turned to his side, rested his back and picked up the cup of coffee without paying any attention to a humble & respectful human standing in front of him. He sipped, slurping the steaming cappuccino overlaid with a layer of froth.

Spontaneously, he threw the cup at the butler shrieking out, that the coffee is bitter and a total waste. A session filled with obscene words and curses to the helpless creature that stood there, fixated.

Excessive use of drugs inactivates the taste buds to a greater extent and even the sweet things tastes bitter. A messed up intermediate science student would never understand this reason.

He is a teenager, he is short tempered, he is pampered, he is bitter, actually a miniscule.

But presently, he lives on dope.

He wakes up to a hot latte or a cappuccino being freshly brewed on his bedside. Served with a serviette laid on the silk quilt to match the standards of comfort. Curtains folded aside to let the light refract through the French windows scaling the large room and its lavish interiors. A double cushioned mattress with teak backrest was laid with best of fabrics available in the market. Textured paint on the walls and apple wood flooring reckoned his lifestyle as of a prosperous business man.

Raghav, an intermediate student, blessed with a rich family and to his comfort are four butlers who do his basics round the clock. A chef for his dedicated meals, a janitor for the purpose of cleaning and his laundry, a chauffeur to drive his Mercedes and a part time employ to walk his dog. Group of loyal employees whose determination and discipline has never descended, despite the sour demeanor of their master.

He was a hardworking soul, a resolute, handsome, proud but arrogant. A millionaire’s son living in one of the most expensive apartments in Delhi lives a busy life with numerous commitments and engagements.

Raghav is miniscule, a youngster who has achieved nothing but a sumptuous lifestyle as a legacy. He is privileged to be rude and bossy, he is privileged to stay out all night to turn up at dawn and he is privileged to stay partly unconscious.

Is it the wealth acting inhuman or is it the human acting wealthy?

Is being arrogant a legacy too?

Our metropolitan cities are filled with children with such temperament. The servants and butlers are not the only victims of their wrath, their parents also share a substantial part.

They are hung between fierce competition in life and goals. Hung between fake facades of flamboyant lives and humanity. Hung between religion and trend. Hung between fraternity and rivalry. They are confused and directionless masses waiting for the light to pave their ways.

The mental stability of the young folk is lost due to varying and not well understood reasons. Notion of stability for them is floating with a veil tagged as lifestyle.

The world has changed and is now revolving in trance. Doping and going high under the influence of hybrid smoke or concentrated alcohol is the trending lifestyle. Enclosures like bars, pubs and dancing arenas have invited teenagers in multitudes to enjoy a different ride. Weed, Hash, Cocaine, heroin are some of the names commonly heard. Despite the fact that they are illegal, the traders and local distributors successfully deliver these poisons.

Help this world stabilise, save your friends, your family and everyone that can be saved.

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