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Shadows of Delhi – A corporate slave

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

The shrubs’ leaves moved with the pleasant breeze and the overgrown grass hustled in plain symphony. She had tied her hair but her flicks quivered with the weak gust that passed through the open casement. Tiny droplets of sweat lined her forehead and glistered in the daylight. Even though she was caught up in her chores, she kept complimenting the nature which lay outside her kitchen window. Her eyes looked exuberant & animated when she winked and smiled at a squirrel which drew her attention. Her compact white denture popped behind her pink lips and then hid again. Ritu, Gorgeous as she was, she was charming and a happy living being. She hummed a song while cleaning bread crumps off the plates in the sink. She stood on an elevated plank as her swollen belly needed larger room over the projected slab. She wore a loose t-shirt whose lower end revealed a slash down her naval. Her skin had dominant stretch marks and was stiff in tension. She adjusted her grip on her pelvis and carefully stepped down off the plank.

She was nearly 9 months pregnant and eagerly waited for crackles and high pitched cries to echo in her house. Now it was difficult to walk and follow conventional postures, so she kept herself slow and composed of patient balance. She knew she was fragile and the load was collapsing. She called her husband who said he was headed for a corporate meeting with the higher executives. They talked and giggled on phone for a few minutes and then the line went dead, when her husband entered into the meeting hall. She too was a part of the corporate world and knew of its engagements. She smiled caressing her own belly, feeling the warmth and life that was silently growing in it. Her forehead creased when she felt a sudden thump in her belly. It was not a gastric hit or a normal twisted nerve. The moment which she had never imagined she would face in her pregnancy period.

The period of rinsing pain, the turmoil of emotions and the urge to shriek out. She twisted vigorously in the next stroke and arched her back to subside the rising pain. She melted into the couch and threw her legs wide, she finally shrieked as loud as she could. “Help me….somebody help me!” She reached her phone and dialed the last contact, but the corporate meeting had kept its slave numb to any distractions. He had no clue of the situation as he was busy convincing the corporate thugs. The phone rang again and he silenced it with a smile and slid the device in the drawer. Ritu was now struggling on the floor, writhing forcefully to reach the door and call for help. She had weight to handle, weight she was carrying diligently for the past 8 months. The pain changed it values exponentially and soon it crossed her bearing limits. It was now a torment, a thrusting tornado which ceased her brain and she started losing consciousness. With dreary eyes she pressed the emergency contact on her phone. Her breathe was fading and eyes closing. Her body was soaked in sweat due to the struggle she had gone through. Sirens whooped and the ambulance squealed to a halt. Ritu was kept on a stretcher and taken in to the labour room. A few hours later, the room echoed with the young crackles again but the mother was still unconscious. Ritu’s husband reached late in the evening when he was finally informed about the disaster. He was anxious, worried and had tears in his eyes but her was not at fault.

“Slaves do not have a free-will to leave the job midway”


We live in a neighbourhood yet we are so desolate and fragmented, we have commitments for work but a fling for life, we have a lifestyle but are we really living? It’s not just a single story of an overloaded and depressed employee in the corporate jungle, it is a rhyme with a bold chorus. Men and women who are caged in the corporate world are too occupied to make time to live. They have heavy schedules and deadlines to follow, never ending meetings and unsatisfied clients. People in the corporate world have turned into robots with mechanized motions and functions. They are modern slaves to their taming master.

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