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Prey to the Internet-Cyber bullying

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Prey to the internet-Cyber bullying

LOSER, LOSER! Breaking down into tears Natasha runs through the corridor

‘I hate the day I was born” she has never felt so abandoned, in the bitterness , she cursed herself, her life, her heart yearned to be loved , her utmost ambition was to feel accepted, the only reason she choose to go for Soumya’s party: The poor soul unaware of the consequences.

Hardly has she known this will turn out to be a nightmare for her. Pictures and videos of her while intoxicated will be released online for a moment of fun. The entire school already denoted her with names “hey duffer” “how has been the crow doing” She fought through circumstances tried her best. Alas one day, unable to cope up she gave up on her life.

Millions of such tales are reflected in today’s internet savvy generation. Millions of kids today in order to seek an overnight popularity create a monster for themselves.

The question which we as readers should contemplate is, is it fair to create a world full of fear and despair? How are we going to protect our loved ones? Who should we blame? Society? Mindset or technology? Because as far as I understand humans are the most excellent creatures. Are we playing our part well?

My opinion stands loud and clear: we are not creating a safe world for our friends and children, No, we surely are not. Cybercrimes and bullying have always been violent destroyers which seize one’s mind. It is like a hideous monster who triumphs over the vulnerable. A child’s mind is like a piece of clay , they get attracted to everything that seems glittering and fancy on the surface , unaware of the reality that lies beneath . Unable to fathom the dark truth that is associated with internet.

“About a half of the teenage population has been victim to cyber bullying”

So are we ruining the existence of our youth?

While writing this article. I was perplexed to detail the ideas sufficiently in order to convince the readers this needs our immediate attention.

Technology is booming, mindset is changing, and society is becoming radical. So where are we still losing?

We are losing on humanitarian grounds or let us say we are witnessing a humanitarian crisis.

Some People are alone and miserable but we fail to notice them. We are so caught up in our lives.


Because they are not associated with us, we have deformed ourselves into being so callous.

It might sound utterly impractical but look into your surroundings.

They are people who need your help. With eyes are searching for so many answers.

Do justice by doing your bit. Boycott teasing, report it, and bring it to notice.

Let us together pledge. We will not let the spirits of those who lost their lives battling with their inner monster go in vain.

Let us pledge that this generation will not have to fight alone and they will never be remembered as just another memory of the unfortunate.

Let us together build a nation where each one of us fight against cyber bullying. One might just never remain alone,

Let us pledge to make a better world.

A little message to those who have suffered and survived and maybe those that are still suffering.

I think little by little I’ll be able to solve my problems and survive Frieda KahloHead of ACME

Well, I hope if you are there and read this and know that, yes, it’s true I ‘m here and I am just as strange as you.

Smile. 🙂

Prerna Pradhanauthor

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