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Parkour aka Paar-kar

Firstly, apologies for the weak attempt at humour, by breaking up the “Hindi” word for “cross-over” as a juxtaposition here. Now that that is out in the open, we address the elephant in the room, by stating that Parkour is not an elephant’s game (did u see what we did there). Yes, a sport, an art of motion a practice, Parkour is a very recent creation in this world of ours, less than one and a quarter century from its first mention and around half a century since it was creation by Raymond Belle, and carried on by his son David Belle and friends, all of this happening in France.

Parkour is the use of one’s body in motion to run, swing, pull and vault oneself through spaces, as simple as that. The simplicity is limited just to the text format, a highly tasking practice, Parkour is the new definition of the free spirited, adrenaline junkies and people with a very high set standards on fitness levels. The original team of Parkour practitioners were called Yamakasi, the ideal team of Parkour practitioners now, expect men to bring in politics and disagreements, the team split up three ways in 7+1+1, and the dream team became individuals, but this was in no way the end of it, people realized that Parkour was a very powerful dynamics calisthenics variation, with the utmost kicks attained after any physical activity.

The beauty lies in how parkour practitioners (traceurs for men and traceuse for women), keep themselves grounded (literally), they draw parallels between Parkour and meditation, humility at all times and the aim to bring to life their surroundings.

Parkour movies and games are the new craze ( prince of Persia and the Assassins creed are heavily centered around Parkour).

A group of low walls and railings are converted into master-pieces when these people imagine the routine on them, the stunt is not the magic but it’s the visualization in the mind of the traceur. It is when he sees his movement executed, feels his hands and feet hit the ground like a superhero landing, that it is an achievement. Videos and tutorials of people practicing Parkour have flooded the internet, but the essence, experience and impact of the actual traceurs is restricted to them. Pakour practitioners and free runners are the new wave of film actors, stunt men and choreographers. The lead in “Arrow”, took classes in Parkour for the role of Oliver Queen.

Obstacles are found everywhere, and in overcoming them we nourish ourselves. David BelleCreator of Parkour

Parkour has gained such ground, that the army now incorporates techniques in their training programs. India today is a rising star in the field of parkour and free runnig. The living legend, Mujahid Habib is in his early twenties and has carved a niche for himself in the world of Parkour.

A really fun and difficult practice, sometimes leading to heavy injury, Parkour is a form of practice for people incapable of accepting defeat, accepting mammoth challenges and having completely fluid bodies, no wonder it is also called PK (drunk in Hindi).


here is a link to the pakour website in the USA.


is a link to calisthenics from bar brothers

Here is a perspective of the Durbar Square in Nepal, an apt place to practice Parkour.Don’t you think!

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