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Oh pretty, so pretty!

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Oh pretty, so pretty!

Oh pretty……

“Clothes, hats, just as pretty as my Ali.

 Ali, ma just wants to you to know my baby is the prettiest!“

A mother just wanted to know his child was not different and weird despite of the scar which covered his face.

Ali looked super cute with his widened smile, unblinking eyes. He never realized why he was treated as an outcast. Ali loved making friends, he loved sharing his lunchbox with kids. Unfortunately he was always treated like that pink elephant who no one wants to talk about.

One day Ali came home crying. 

He looked his face in the mirror.

“Maa am I ugly? Why is everyone scared of me?”

 Maa wanted Ali to be a rebel, to prove looks had no defining role when it came to talent or matters of the heart, she asked Ali “Ali promise me, you will not let the world chide you and you my son will be a rebel, you will be an example. Promise?

Ali looked down his feet. He looked up and said “I promise maa.”

Recently a status compelled me to ponder upon how society treats such people as outcasts. The idea that weird and ugly is synonymous to a burn or scar is unrealistic and wrong. The mark in itself is a horrifying experience for the victim.

It broke my heart to see someone being treated as an “abnormal” when they are simple human beings.

Who are we treat someone with disdain? Aren’t all of us creations of god?

How and why are they considered as socially awkward and withdrawn from the society? Why can we not help them and see them as assets to our survival. Why are they considered unclean by the society?

Ali was totally isolated, kids of his refused to play with him. He frightened them apparently.

Myths and rumors floated, Ali was born with a curse and whosever become friends with him shall be going through the same.

One fine day in school, Ali was having his lunch alone.  The new kid Sumit with curious eyes, ”Hey what is this you are eating?”

 Ali, “sewai, ammi is an awesome cook. You want to try some?

Sumit, “yes, why not. “

Ali then smiled the most beautiful smile you could ever imagine.

Friendship knows no discrimination, neither of religion nor of deformity. 

Where we are fighting in the name of religion, sending across messages on beauty, how important it is to have good skin and a flat stomach and everything materialistic.

Being beautiful and being born into a religion is not our choice: but being human surely is.

The worst part of the society comes with this truth,

WE make room for all the faceless myths and rumors on beauty and religion, we have dug them up with our own claws. 

Quoting the lines from Hayavadana, as it perfectly suits the mind state

“Grant us, o lord, good rains, good crop,

Prosperity in poetry, science, industries, and other affairs.

Give the rules of our country success in all Endeavors,

And along with it, a little bit of sense.”

Let us not make it a bane for thousands of people who are being ignored, regressed and pushed down for not looking good, being introverts, and not belonging to the same religion as you.  

Or can I ask you to do a little more?

Let’s start respecting the sentiments of all human beings as fellow human beings. After all everyone is fighting their own battle, everyone has a story to tell. 

The most beautiful we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known loss, and have found their way out of depths.  These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity towards life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.

Beautiful people do not just: happen.

So yes, you might not know this but; Yes, we all are beautiful!

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