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Night on the Ice-Lyrics of the Night series

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Night on the Ice

I woke up to a freezing storm felling numb like a lifeless form

I crept out from an unknown bed pulling a woolen cap on my head

the lantern dimly lit the wooden cabin oil almost over and suddenly it became dim

opening the door i let out the silhouette of a lost man wind cried, a whit bear moaned,the roof sounded like rattling cans

frightened I turned back ,stunned, covered myself in fur I sat there waiting searching for answers

the night wouldn’t end, the sun didn’t come I sat teeth chattering. ice forming on my gums

“get a hold of yourself! “I said. and with that some magic led

I stood up, and shed of all clothing i thought “time to end all this personal loathing”

I opened the door again and walked the land was white as if it was made of chalk

I sat and cut a fish hole in the ice speaking under my breath, be nice

I jumped and as death entered my lungs I woke up on my same old bed

Everyday that I waste ,accepting loss and pain I wake up in the ice,learn the same lesson and die again

that was the third poem of the Lyrics of the night series.Let us know if you liked it.

Here is a perspective of the night

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