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Mesmerizing Mess-Ghazipur Flower Market

Mesmerizing Mess

The Ghazipur flower market in East Delhi, near the Delhi – Uttar Pradesh border is a visual delight to watch. It has a wide range of flowers in terms of their colors, shapes and fragrances coming from both India and abroad which I bet you can’t find out in any other flower markets of Delhi. That’s what makes it as the Market of Choice for wedding vendors, retailers and florists.

This market runs on a very tight schedule. Work starts from 3 a.m. in the morning. The farmers arrive in the early morning with loaded trucks of fresh flowers. From here starts the whole saga of pilling, sorting, grading and selling of flowers.

While taking the pictures I see a lot of action, drama and dialogue going around me. The wholesalers, retailers and buyers stay engrossed in bargaining and cracking deals. As it gets to 11 am, the sun starts rising to its peak and the risk of flowers getting perishable, finally brings to the closing of the market.

The most memorable part of my whole shoot was that every lane of this market has its own essence and people here had a lot to share. They initially thought that I am from a newspaper so they were quite excited about the fact of getting captured they allowed me to take as many pictures as I can and usually give their visiting cards and would say a common line “Madam photo whatsapp kardeana”(madam please whatsapp) and I would just smile and go ahead.

The Ghazipur flower market is very spacious, approachable and highly affordable. These characters truly make this place a deserving and must to visit place in the search of a beautiful, vibrant and fresh morning.

“Just living is not enough one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower” Hans Christian AndersenHead of ACME

Mandi Square: It is acquired by the small vendors where mostly marigold is sold for garlands to retailers.

Ram Swaroop (L) and Shayam (R), brothers from Uttar Pradesh are in the flower trading business since the ages of 12 and 16 respectively.

Rose bunch available at Rs50 comparatively cheaper than market prices i.e. (Rs 200- Rs 300).

Ashok starts his day at three in the morning. He is the sole earner in the family of 10.

Women sewing garlands at the minimal price of Rs 10 per piece for the wholesalers.

Working during what should be schools hours.

Unsold flowers are stored for the next day. Perishable flowers are always at higher risk.

Petty seller’s recollects flowers from the dumping yard and sell them in the market.

-Ritika Bora (photographer,student and a journalist in the making)


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