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It’s a Struggle, not a War!

It’s a Struggle, not a War!

It’s a struggle, not a War, they say it aloud; We’ll forge the future of our fraternity, they say it aloud; A brighter day awaits, a brighter sun is yet to shine, They say it aloud. The flaring heat turned their skin inside out; Eyes popped out of confusion followed by despair; They had similar thoughts & notions, Concepts & Ideologies, Beliefs. How fraternity & disfavor joined hands? We’ve saved the believers, set an example, Believe, It’s a struggle, not a War!

A fleet, feet soaked with gore, marked the trails; Impressions of sacred scripts dipped in false calls; Is the judgement day in jeopardy? Ludicrous? Or false? Will the judge go bias, convinced? When they say it aloud; It was a struggle, not a War!

The believers must know, this is an execution, Of fraternity, of equality, of sanity, humanity. For he, who has created all, might pluck out their tongues, So they keep calm; And not shout loud ever again, as; It is not a struggle, It is a War!

There being no absolute and universal standard of right, terrorism must be held to be wrong in every case.Mahatma Gandhi

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