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Is earth a green planet?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

It is no more our green planet as we have agreed to move in masked silences, we have agreed to pay no attention, we have agreed to breathe-in the poison, we have agreed to slay the growth of our upcoming generations, we have agreed to die intoxicated! We have agreed.

“Extra Terrestrials – The landmasses on Earth are turning grey! Is it the evolution of leaves’ color?”

In the hassle of creating glittering cities we have literally trodden over the greens on this earth. To be precise, which were available! No matter the efforts are made in the direction of protection and conservation of the city forest zones but is it just to uproot a million and plant a few?

In the perspective of today’s minds, the built masses have become the greens of the hour and hence they are getting more priority over the natural ones. It will be unwise and insensitive to suggest stopping the construction, but it has become a fact that development is more sensitive to economic benefits and not in favor of the environment. It is not too far that we would soon face a national crisis or maybe an alarming alert of steep health deterioration.

The question of the hour still lingers over my head and stands tall – Are we really making efforts to make this earth a greener place?

urban slum
urban slum

The Cause – Need & greed, Sprinting life!

The lifestyle of a person living in megacities have squeezed down to a little life and more of nuisance. Even a layman would agree on the fact that strolling down the streets of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any other Metro-city is now agonizing and creates prolonged tension among calm minds of the crowd. The footsteps pacing down the alleys, through the subways, racing down the elevator to get on the scheduled metro, a race against time, a race against life! Is it the fast paced mobility of humans in and out of a space or the silently passing time?

Isn’t there a chance to drive some time for our surroundings, for our environment?

All we need to do is ‘A Bit’!

The truth is, if we can improve it on the micro level, then it will improve on the macro level all by itself. Living in multi-storey towers restricts the amounts of green avenues and spaces, but potted plants make a difference too. Individually, a single residential unit can plant a few shrubs in there balcony/portico and bring about that change. A society with multiple families can contribute majorly to purify the micro climate and the quality of breathable air.

Is it not doable?

balconies-green planet
green balcony

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