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Indian Parkour legend-Mujahid Habib

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Parkour in India , got the full steam ahead when a 14 year old lad named Mujahid Habib got inspired by Jackie Chan more than 10 years ago stated free running. Mujahid has been practicing parkour for several years now and is a living legend in India and worldwide. Parkour is defined by the principals of simplicity, humility and free flowing mind and body.

The epitome of this existence in India is Mujahid Habib.

A legend in the Indian circuit of parkour practitioners, he represents the country all over the world and is a regular with Red Bull.

Mujahid has performed stunts in movies (Ladies vs Ricky Bahl), tv shows and for live audiences.

Behind this existence of a high profile athlete lies a small town star with interests in sketching and photography.

Mujahid supports people who are keen on trying out the sport, a devout Muslim, a broad minded citizen of the country.

This young man of 24 has a brilliant smile and is to break boundaries, between all factions of the society and practicing parkour as a free individual.

The team here at the Perspective Hub had the chance to meet with Mujhid on a Saturday morning at 6:30 (a very difficult deadline we were able to make, Mujahid insisted that the meeting be earlier) at one of his favorite training spots Jamia Qabristaan( cemetry).

The Perspective Hub had the opportunity to see him in action and it was splendid.

Here is the podcast.

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Mujahid is a great personality, a celebrity in a field minorly known in India, he is constantly hounded by documentaries, and interviewers but he rarely denies.

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