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India in Crisis. 3 things India need to remodel in 2018

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Before you go ahead and read the article below I want you to be judgmental. So much judgmental that you are able to think on every statement you read, question it and then think again, so that you are able to answer it yourself. Now if you are ready, then let’s proceed. I am going to talk about India. WHat it seriously needs to think upon.

It’s 2018, where technology has almost reached its phase saturation and is now prepared to jump into   the next phase of mind blowing inventions and discoveries I put forward this question. How many remarkable discoveries or inventions has India contributed to the world? After the British left us, have we made a single building which stands out on the atlas? Or, have we figured out yet how to reach miles within minutes? These questions seem very dramatic or vague to hear but we have to agree that our country is about to face a huge crisis. A crisis in human resource, education system, government and much more, if not acted soon. I list down 3 basic things India needs to remodel for a sustainable future.


What is the point of Education system in India?

India’s literacy rate is at 74.04%. Kerala has achieved a literacy rate of 93.91%. Bihar is the least literate state in India, with a literacy of 63.82%. Even the least literate state in India has majority of literate people onboard. But how many of us are really educated? Just to clarify, a literate person is the one who can read, write and understand what he is reading and writing. An educated person is the one who can analyze and make rightful decisions. He may subsequently be able to read and write as well. So, let us analyze, what are we taught from the very beginning? While in Primary schools we are taught the basics of language and sciences. In post primary we are forced to learn by heart all the ‘Behind the scenes’ of the sciences. As we proceed to secondary we are told that calculus is the most important thing in life followed by Pythagoras theorem, which we are going to use to survive the rest of our life. Then of course, prepare for IITs and AIIMS. If you get admission, then well and good and if not then prepare again and do the same. If failure persists then take admission in some private college, throw like 10-12 airbags of money. Then you get a job in someone else’s company in where you work day and night to earn money so that your kid can do the same as you did so that he can get a job to earn money for their kids and the cycle continues. What is the point of this? What is the point of our education system if no meaning of life is achieved? What is the point of our education system if we are not advancing to the future on our own? What is the point of education system if we still can’t figure out a way to write a remarkable history for the future? We need change. Change in our understanding and our education system. A change that lights up the path of a bright future. Not the ’15-lac-google-package’ bright future. But a sustainable and remarkable future where people appreciate creativity and people have time to live LIFE. We have to become curious again. We have to discover the lost lands again and we have to re-invent flying machines one more time. All we are taught to get a good 6 figure job and work for someone else. But less talk of working for self and inventing new creations. Less talk of being an entrepreneur. Less talk of being creative. I don’t have a solution to pose here, but I do want to awaken in you,

What is the point of education system in India?



In whose hands India is?

If given, we all can for sure write so much about our government. Can’t we? Leave all the statistics behind. Let’s count on what we see with our eyes. How many decades has it been since we saw a visible advancement in infrastructure? Still in our country we have so less profound example of new buildings. We still rely upon what the British and Sultanates left for us. Even in 2018, Chandigarh-A city designed by Le Corbusier is the example given in city planning. We have got the least 4g speed in the world. Travelling just a 100 kilometers take hours. Leave a car, but majority of middle class families cannot afford an Air conditioner. Education system that should be free is the most expensive asset the government has made. Some colleges are even allowed to charge as much as 25 lac rupees per annum in medical courses. Ultimately our government is making healthcare expensive. And what about farmers? They still committing suicide? And the government is still having a sip of tea. In an era where we should be talking about sustainability and efficiency, majority of us are apparently talking about ‘Mandir wahin banega’ It’s okay to be religious. I would rather say religion is necessary and one of the most important aspect for a person to become humane. But fighting illogically in the name of religion is definitely an unforgivable crime. It’s not a war to fight upon. Its general life and no one should be barred in the name of religion. India is overall a young country ruled by an old school system which not only evokes us to argue in the name of what is dead but also restricts a sustainable future for generations. Why would there comes a need for the students to protest when their exams are round the corner. Why killing a human for an animal is justified? Why does it take years to bring justice to a victim? Why India even has a rape capital? I see problem in the system. Only the youth have the power to change the system. Youth is going to become the next governing body of the future. Our government system needs re-evaluation. We need ‘educated’ officials rather than chai walas to lead us into the future. We have to stop being a scheduled citizen unseeing everything. We are being governed by a government where we are even not really sure about the qualification of our prime minister. If the same situation continues, we will still be in a dimension where a man selling ‘pakoras’ outside your office will be considered perfectly employed. Again I don’t propose a solution but ask you,

“Is this the the way we desire?”


How much curious are you?

Believe it or not India has been the hub of Art, Creativity and Design since ages. Have a look on the temples of Madurai, Paintings of Madhubani, Jugaads in Punjab, Caves of Maharashtra, Architecture of Mughals, Spices of Kerala and so much more. The list won’t end. But the Sad part is, these were the inventions and creations of past. All these we talk about to feel the pride in us are the work done and taught by our ancestors. How many years has it been since we felt pride on something of present? We have stopped being curious. And we have stopped being creative. Think of this way, we work day in and out so that we can earn a living. Earn money to enjoy things like travel, music, dance etc. And we pay for it. We earn money to make a difference. A good difference. Unfortunately, in a stream of earning money we flown so much that all we now remember is to earn money and have no idea where to spend it. Thus, we end up spending money irrationally. Money should be subsequent to creativity. Even if money continues to increase in number or value, Creativity should not face the downside. We have to become creators, inventors, artists and designers. That way we can bring meaning to our life, rather than growing up creative and ending up working for some third company helping them make 8 figure money. Creativity brings solutions, it opens up minds. All we need is to redevelop an eye for creativity. Let the artist in you come out and design for the world instead of becoming a robot pressing buttons all day in exchange of money. I do not say money is not important. All I want to say money should not become prior to life. Life is short. Fill it with colors. Carve out a dream. Work on it and make it come true. Or else you will remain working for someone else to make their dream come true. And rest, become a corporate slave.


You’ve made to the end of this post. Think over what you have read above. And comment if you have something to say. Also so share it for more of us need to think upon this. Facebook, twitter or whatever you like. By the end, I give you this clip from Dead Poets Society. Enjoy. 🙂

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