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HOPE – a ray of light

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

               Life has several definitions. A student of science will define life in a way that will sound alien to a student of literature. But none of these can truly define it absolutely. One fact that all of us  identify with is that Life is an unpredictable journey. How much ever certain we get about the plans that we make, the uncertainty factor doesn’t fade away. The fact that there is an equal probability for both positive and negative outcome remains very much alive in our minds. 

               A big factor that truly shape the quality of life is fear. Fear of losing, fear of proving, fear of dying, are just a few that come to our minds. A lot of people who have made great name for themselves believe that fear is a necessary evil. Its like a narcotic drug that needs o be taken  yet its ill effects can never be neglected. Fear should not be controlling us rather we should have an upper hand over it. It cannot become the reason for anything that goes out of our control.

                 One class of fear that is absolutely impermissible is the fear of trying. A proverb that is taught to every nursery kid is ” TRY TRY TILL YOU SUCCEED”. Its not taught for sake of being taught, but to instill the importance of trying in their young and innocent minds. This fear will create excuses in our minds that will eventually abstain us from achieving anything in our lives. This fear will eventually lead us to hopelessness. 

                 If there is one thing that seem to throw light upon the blackness in our lives, that is most likely to be HOPE. All the poets,writers, and several inspiring personalities have one very common observation and that is Hope has the power to make young bird fly, it has the power to make a young kid smile even after coming last in a race. It can make people unite for the goodness of their community. Every fear in the world truly fears HOPE.

                Every person has the potential to do wonders. These at times fall under categories made by society and at times don’t. But that doesn’t take away the greatness of it. However every person in the world has to go through a number of failures in order to gain this brilliance. But to rise after each fall is what makes the true difference. This can only be done if there is a hope that one day goals will achieved, records will be broken, battles will be won. The darkness of the time can only be eradicated with the radiance of hope. 

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