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Farewell my family-What did the young boy thought?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

A slender figure with substantial amount of exposed skin and muscle, his dark complexion contrasted with the lustrous daylight. Dusty curls of short thick hair, an immature beard and a content torso. He sat across the field with the supper laid beside him waiting for his father to return from the farmland. An adolescent, an aspirant, a resident of the rural segment whose eyes seamlessly painted stories of an imaginable lifestyle.

Manav, maybe he was contemplating or he was absorbing the ambience of his village, the little details of his surroundings. He was a genius, an acute minded teenager shrewd and moulded into a tenacious ardent. He was a dreamer and an aspirant of the city life. An 18-year-old dexterous child who had just appeared for the intermediate exams was now waiting for the results, meanwhile helping his father in the hectic schedule of farming.

Squatting steady, leaning on the brick-lined wall, he rested on his haunches while chewing a strand of grass that outgrew on the boundary of the arable land. He kept a keen outlook on his father who tilled and disked the land on his tractor. The summer sun beamed overhead flashing the fields and highlighting the glistening bodies. It was calm and still, the sky was clear and not a single leaf hustled, only the whirring engine interrupted the chirping and whistling of the birds.

Mr. Dheeraj walked into the shelter and just when the two men were about to start with the meal, Manav’s younger sister came in howling excitedly about the announcement of results.

Her brother had topped the state and ranked 6th in the country.

A calm and motionless scenario turned into a celebration ground within minutes. The shelter wobbled with the beating drums and the whooping mob. Amidst the cheerful fiesta of amused heads, Manav’s head was sunk in speculation of his dreams which were about to shape and reflect a distinctive mettle.

The imagination had just begun. A fluttering ribbon weaved patterns of the stories.

He questioned himself, Will it be the astonishing streets of Delhi? Or the cramped shore of Bombay? Will I be baffled in Trivandrum?

All the movies he had watched which starred the city lights started rolling in his nerves, waves of excitement and hesitation hit spontaneously. The scenery of city in distinct colours got suspended in front of his eyes, a sharpened image of the canvas he had stroked since years. Snapped back to reality when an elderly man patted his back and bestowed blessings for a prosperous future ahead. The day was spent socializing and conversing about the plans that lay ahead within the consolidated wisdom domain of the village.

He dropped flat on the cot and stared into the glittering sky. Mind flooded with aspirations, he acted loony and talked to himself.

Walking down the stairs to board a metro, an air-conditioned coach running under the earth! Fascinating!

Does the ditch in front of the Red Fort still has crocodiles?

He joined his hands together and settled his eyelids while hallucinating his presence inside the Akshardham Temple in front of the deity.

Is the city as social as my village? Will I be able to make friends?

While dipped in the succulent tastes of his conscious dreams he turned to his side and looked at his parents sleeping across the veranda. A sudden thought of detachment struck him hard and he sighed within himself. For a moment he found his esteem stuck between walls closing on him. The love and affection for the place he had lived in for years was now being over shadowed by the prodigious attractions of the city life.

His thoughts were meagre as of a child, his heart was pounding with a dichotomous dilemma of his desires and his attachments.

He turned his back to his parents and tried to sleep. Unknowingly he had already bid a farewell to his village and his family. Pacing towards a scheduled & hectic life of a city dweller, monotonous and bumpy.

Now he rests in peace on the cot as the dawn comes with a new life.

Mr. Dheeraj always wanted his son to live in Delhi and so be his fate, he decided to back-pack the National Capital with all the hopes and excitement.

And the story ends here.

*All the images and the story described are subjected to author’s imagination and is a work of fiction*

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