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Urdu poetry has also been used by several poets to respect and praise a place and its culture. Poetry was such a strong medium for the poets to describe their views that it gained the attention of a huge audience and develop in them a sense of pride for the place. Delhi, being the hub of poetry for several years, poetas have said much about Delhi. Following are some famous ones.

In dino garche dakkan me hai bade qadr-e-sukhan Kaun jaye ‘ZAUQ’ par dilli ki galiyan chor kar

-Md Ibrahim Zauq

[We have heard that poetry is greatly valued in Deccan these days, but Zaauq who could bear to leave behind the alleyways of Delhi]

Dilli ke na koonche the, aura kn musafir the,Jo shakl nazar aayi tasveer nazar aaye

-Mir Taqi Mir

[Delhi’s streets were not alleys but parchment of a painting, Every face that Appeared seemed like a masterpiece]

Ey Mushafi, na inse kabhi jee lagaiyeZalim ghazab ki hoti hain yeh Dilli Waliyan


[O Mushafi! Do ot fall for these, miraculously cruel are the maidens of Delhi]

Kya bood-o-baash poochte ho purab ki sakinon; Humko garib jaan ke hans hans pukar ke; Dilli jo ek sheher tha aalam-e-inthekhab me; Rahte the mutakhib hi jahan rozgar ke; Usko falak ne loot ke barbaad kar diya; Ham rehnewale hain usi ujde dayaar ke

-Mir Taqi Mir

[Delhi, that chosen city of the world, where only those of privileged professions resided, that city that the heavens have looted and laid waste, I am the inhabitant of that destroyed garden]

Dil wa Dilli dono agar hain kharab;pa kuch lutf us ujde ghar me bhi hain

-Mir Taqi Mir

[Both heart and delhi may have been worn out, but some little pleasures still remain in this ruined house.]

Dil ki basti bhi Sheher Dilli hai;Jo bhi guzra usi ne loota

-Mir Taqi Mir

[Delhi alone is a city of love; all those have passed through hav looted it.]

Ik roz apni rooh se poocha, ke dilli kya hai. To yun Jawab me keh gayi, Ye duniya maano jism hai aur dilli uski jaan

-Mirza Ghalib

[One day I asked my soul, what is Delhi and it replied- if world is the body then Delhi is its soul. ]

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