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Compliment or flattery?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Compliment or flattery?

Is he oblivious to my imperfections? Or do my perfections blind him? Or is he just, trying to win some favours?!

Is she blind to her magnificence Does she not know her value, Or is she just stalling to find out what he thinks..

It is a game of oblivion,

he of her imperfections,

and she of her magnificence!

but he looks not, at her imperfectly perfect self but only, the soul. as precious as herself

And she is in love with, his selective vision! But what is love? We ask. an illusion that fades with time. For visions are blurred and a battle enrages. That of the eyes against ears.. for neither are sure :who is right and who is not?

Loves never fades Love is forever The blurring of vision Or deafening of the ear Does not guarantee The metamorphosis of the heart… The heart that says “I love you”

The Heart seeks to find love down the lane love from another that’s ice cold and down in pain. the heart is such a beautiful thing it writes long songs, that none can sing.

Her heart beats faster than it used to before on every word he spoke It hit deep to the core, brought her down, down to the floor, yet she’s perplexed.. what if it ends up like before?

A leap of faith again :a decision. To risk and fall once again..

And she fell.

-Surbhi Kumari

Compliment or flattery is a poem, ramblings on the heart about the decision of falling in love again or failing at it.

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