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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

       Humans are believed to be the best of best creations. They have the power to think and execute. They have the power to understand and influence. They can observe and revolt. Even though all of the above mentioned trait are all true yet they seem to be lost in the present world. Does anything mentioned above apply to anyone of us. You might even say yes for a second but thinking would eventually result a big NO. Do we actually think before doing anything or try to influence the society through our knowledge.

       Through an experiment it was found that we are nothing but sheep. We follow whatever everyone else is doing. Our lives are lived by the rules set by the ones who lived years ago. We are judged on the basis of norms that seem right to some who again lived in a different surrounding, in a different era. And all this will seem to continue through the generations that will come in future because nothing is being done against it.

      The problem is not that we are not doing anything different but the fact that we are not letting anyone  change tracks is the real issue. There are some who want to breakfree and try their luck. There are few who crush these stupid norms under their feet and walk towards their own destiny. But they are shown the back door at every turn by others who are nothing less the a SHEEP. They are everywhere and their aim is to create doubt and uncertainty in the hearts of dreamers. They want to crush the courage that burns so brightly.

      For a very long time, it was believed that the only thing that could bring people to their senses was education. I think there is a need for another perspective because no educated man seems any different from an uneducated. Education, for them is nothing but a badge that we wear for 6-8 hours and remove it later.Unless the education and knowledge doesn’t get under our skin and become a part of our existence, our society and its norm will forever prevail.

//An article by Rabia Omar/

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