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An Eerie Flight

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

An Eerie Flight

A sight of the rising sun strengthened her soul and motivated her to attempt again, to make it through this challenging day, to survive, to stay alive till the setting sun. With shaky legs, she moves across her shelter and steps out into the sun. The light passes through layers, streaking light beams onto the floor, warm. 

With all the vigour she moves out of the harbour and strides into a flight, crossing the skyline of the city into the grey sky to hit the first of tremors. The air is getting thick, smoke slowly filling the voids and exhausting all the oxygen. Despite, being high in the sky on a clear day it seems hazy and blurred. A look through this composition has limited her vision to a certain feet only and it is hard to navigate, to reach her mark. She knows the journey is long and tiring, may take days, even weeks. Even then she flies, not stopping! A sigh with dying breathes and almost panting into the dirt that flew in a gust of cloud and covered her face completely, blinding her even more. She felt devastated and then lost. She looked around and made sure she was at the same spot she meant to be, everything seemed to be turned upside down and out of place.

The realisation hurting her like an incised cut down her throat because now the spot offered her nothing. It is covered in dredged layers of material residue. Days ago she was greeted with hustling sounds, cool breeze and water to serve her thirst.

It was one of the few green patches she rested her being and easily became a part of the food chain. It is all gone now! It is now taken too! In the name of development, they have cleared another habitat, to create a habitat of their own. The ones like her has already fled or may be buried under the heap of their concrete blocks. The place whose temperature was always pleasing was now burning, forcing her to leave, pushing her off the perimeter. She flew back reluctantly, with her forehead creasing in tension and worries of her own nest. A shelter encased in the branches of the trees.

It was even more painful when she reached back, almost dead of thirst and starvation. The first sight tugged at her soul and brought tears in her eyes. Her nest laid upside down on the ground, slammed with a footprint, broken twigs and still off-springs. The only happiness in her life was snatched off her hold, her home, her fledglings. She could not even sob and grief for her loss as she was already exhausted. She turned around and flew again.

“I have tried my best to survive and struggled for my fledglings, but now it is all gone. Oh Almighty, may I now join hands with you and see my off-springs grow with me in paradise. I am too weak to stand this abuse, shattered beyond reconciliation.”

She fell off into the sky, flew high for the last time and then stopped fluttering her wings, aimed and shot to the ground burying herself under sands of development.

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