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Am I possessed?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Am I possessed?

Being possessed is a roller-coaster of traumatic existential bliss

Volatile physical and conscious control over of one’s own body.

Some dark visions remain, every real moment in seconds, go amiss.

In this state, people still exist physically but their vibes, gaudy

The possessed have excessive strength, stamina, and wisdom

They might seem burning to the touch or as cold as a rock.

They talk in a different voice, their real voices getting seldom

Getting the victim to fight, tougher every moment, racing a clock.

I stare at screens for hours at large with an unknown look on my face.

And the profile: expressionless, un-deterring tired eyes, ruby red

I am in sync with others possessed but am absolved of the rat race.

I exist in that constant bandwidth of complacency, I live, but half dead.

I can’t snap out, can’t find an escape in your stories and advice.

So hardened I am, emotional blackmail stopped working on me.

Despite the ‘machine existence’, I lash out at the name of the Lord.

Involuntary actions of extreme faith or denouncing Lord ill be.

I think I am possessed, I spent 4 hours hitting click-bait on YouTube yesterday.

I was on and off Instagram watching celebrity updates the day before

I prayed this morning and everything stopped, it was going to be a good work-day

I think I am possessed, I spent my entire afternoon Facebooking at the door.

That was a different approach to the condition of being possessed, which is now termed as a medical condition, who knows, it just might be.

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