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Alvar Alto-Wooden Furniture designs

Alvar Alto was a Finnish architect and designer, his most popular works are the Paimio stool, a part of a sanatorium he had created for patients suffering from ailments, specifically tuberculosis.

The Paimio series was a part of his bent plywood designs.

Alvar had immense love for wood as a furniture design material, and he had the idea that the body reacted positively when it came in contact with natural materials.

Therefore majority of his design are found in wood.

The Image we see above is of the three legged birch veneer stool, this bent shape in an “L” was designed and patented by Alto, and was a solid birch and made of a beautiful honey colour, with a light coat of veneer.

This veneer allowed the natural grain to pass through. The simplicity and innovative nature of the stool is unparalleled and its existence shall be timeless.

Natural Birch Lounge Chair

The loungers that we find also were formed out of molded laminates and are now adapted in several different materials. The Shape and structure of the lounge chair gives it a substantial look.

The solid look of the chair with its low slung base gave it the nickname ” the tank”

In 1935 Alvar Alto and his wife Aino Alto started and furniture company, Called “Artek” which sold furniture designed by them and also furniture designed by others.

The Paimio scroll chair

The Paimio scroll chair was a breakthrough in design where Alvar wanted the chair to be soft rather than having a hard edge, the chair is made from 2 units both of which are derived from curved birch laminate. The frame forms a closed loop, which is supported by cross rails and on it rests another layer of molded laminated birch sheet.

The tea cart 900 , was Alto’s design intervention when he came acroos the likeness to tea that the japanese and the english had .His innitial design had curved birch frame, a cane basket and a cermamic tile tray.

Supported with large wheels,It was hailed as a concious design furniture.

There are several deign inspirations from the tea strolley that are in sale now , the following design was given by Hella Jongerius.

Alvar Alto was a master designer and architect, and his works have redefined the Finnish architecture scene. Along with this devotion, he also defined furniture as free flowing pieces, done in wood.

If you would like to read more Alvar Alto and his furniture about click here to know more about the updated trolley read this.

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