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Alice in wonderland-a daughter’s poem

Alice in wonderland.

Little Alice sits peacefully in her wonderland Her mother’s womb Knowing not that it is actually her tomb. After some months she would be out She rejoices without doubt.

She would see her beautiful mother’s face Look at the way Look at the way she smiles. The ripples that her smile sent to her womb, Had always tickled little Alice. Oh! She wanted to tickle her back. She also wanted To make her sleep in her womb Probably when she is out in the world. And she knows She would be the only daughter to him Her father. She knows that she would be loving and caring and dedicated. Like a flower is for the seed. Her femininity is her beauty, she knows Her tenderness is gorgeous. She knows no harm. She knows no ways of the world. She is a criminal girl child. Innocent criminal. As transparent as the new lotus. She does not know She is just waiting The wait that sees no end The wait that sees death. The wait that sees only destruction. The wait that leads to nothing. Darkness

-Surbhi Kumari

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