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“Well played”, with slow claps, is all I can say.

What goes on in your head, I can only wonder,

It is really not your fault,

Or: it just might be;


Anyway; it is probably me lashing out, venting;

But what you did was wrong, truly Exasperating.

You broke the existing bond of trust

A secret, held by many is no secret, dear love.

“Well played” with gritted teeth; is all I can say.

What goes through that head of yours must be a disoriented wonder

It is not your fault,

Or: it just might be; Blunder.

Anyway, you have always painted a portrait of unacceptance and deprival

But where is the sorrow, I have never seen your eyes.

There might be something wrong with me!

Others too? How confused can you be?

“Your life”, with a calm smile, I say

A deserving heiress, queen “Cersie” may wonder.

It is not your fault

Or; it just might be: Hunger.

Anyway! Shut up, decide; stay the same or change;

Unfortunately, man may change, but man’s nature, never.

For my sake:

“Dumb fool”, with my head held low, is all I can say;

“Played like a fool you were, no wonder”

It is not your fault

Or, it just might be; Somber.

Anyway! The pain lets you know that you are still breathing,

“Thank you, Liar.”

This insult and treason has gotten me rooted again.

#hunger #cersie #liar #surrender #evil

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